Contemplating Daughter's Day

Who I am now

Dear Readers and Friends,

I always say, “If my mom taught me anything, it was how to walk into a room.”

I didn’t realize that was a thing until later when someone told me, “You walk into a room like you own the place.”

That seemed obnoxious. “I do?”

“Yeah,” they said. “I’m always shy when I walk into a room. I wish I could walk into a room like you do.”

Mark Twain was famous for saying, ‘You can remain silent and have people think you are a fool, or you can speak and confirm it.’ You humans talk a lot.”

I always choose the confirming it option. I talk a lot. I’m a human. I’m a human who walks into the room like I own the place. My mom taught me how.

Happy Mother’s Day,

I will send you a story in a bit.