Contemplating Mother's Day

It's not all your fault and it's not all her fault

Dear Readers and Friends,

Back in the dentist’s office today for groundhog day. Yesterday the dentist talked about tacos for 20 minutes. He couldn’t stop talking about tacos. Taco Tuesday. Some kind of special tacos his wife makes. Just tacos tacos tacos.

Today, I asked him about tacos and he looked at me like I was crazy. Was I crazy or was he crazy? Anyone’s guess. Ask the tacos.

Right now, the dentist is making jokes with my kid, who is lying on the torture devise that is masquerading as a chair, fooling no one.

The dentist just said, “You seem nervous. Did you have too much coffee this morning?” Hilarious.

If I bring up coffee with the dentist tomorrow, will he look at me like I’m crazy again? Am I? Is he? Hopefully, that’s all I’m going to write about dentists for a while.

I’m going to send you a piece after I sign off this letter.

I wrote about the following piece in honor of mother’s day. Check it out and watch out for the dentist. His jokes are worse than his equiptment.

Happy Hump Day!