Dancing in the Nude

Finally, freedom is here

Dear Friends and Readers,

Now that I’m 50, I’m playing with some new material. I keep hearing about the invisibility of women after fifty. I’m checking the mirror, daily, to see if I’m still here.

I can’t wait to rob banks and sneak into restaurants and steal lobsters. I also plan on swimming in the nude once it happens. All the time. Also, walking in the nude, playing tennis in the nude, and going to dance clubs in the nude.

Oh my god. Is this even possible? Do I finally get to be an invisible nudist? Will the other nudists make fun of me. Like, “No one can really see her, so no big deal.”

And what about when I want someone to see me?

Can I roll around in the sand or dump a canister of flour on me if I want to get someone’s attention?

What about my husband? Can he see me?

And clothes. I really like my clothes. I’m finally at the age that I only buy items that I like and that are flattering. I’m no longer swooned by fads or sales.

So, what do I do with all my clothes? Do I walk around naked, find someone who looks like me, throw my clothes at her, and run?

Invisibility is harder than I thought. What isn’t?

Following this nude rant, I will be sending you another story inspired by my old age.