Dear Readers,

Excuses, excuses

Somedays, I can write a bunch of things. Other days, I can only write one thing.

Today, I am posting a story I published on Medium yesterday. I wouldn’t say it’s old work, but if it were milk, it would have gone bad overnight.

On the other hand, if it were cereal, I could have kept it out for weeks and served it with the presumption that it was fresh. What is the expiration date for cereal? Is it just when it’s eaten up? Or is it when it too stale for even the slightest crunch?

Please enjoy the story I sent you today. If you already follow me on Medium (, my apologies for being repetitive. And know, that this letter to you is very current. I am writing it this very second. This is new. This is fresh. It’s got crunchy bits.

If you don’t follow me on Medium, there about three hundred essays there to check out. Escapism never felt so weird.

Meanwhile, I hope y’all got to suck up that double rainbow nectar yesterday. I was doing the dishes, missed the whole thing. Glad everyone I’ve ever met and everyone they ever met, posted a picture. One friend even found her keys at the end of it.