Do I offend?

And, how to be a friend

Dear Friends and Readers,

If you opened your previous newsletter, you were shocked to find the word cockblocker. Maybe it shocked you. Maybe you nodded, having known many or been a cockblocker yourself. Maybe you thought, “Meh, she’s too dirty.”

The important thing is you were thinking. Whatever you thought, good for you. Thinking is important. It’s a known fact, discovered by the Brookings Institute, that 49% of Americans do not think independently. Their thoughts come from an all-you-can-eat stupidity buffet served at the dumbest restaurant. But you know statistics; it’s probably a lot higher.

Anyway, it feels like summer. If you’re in California, this statement means nothing to you. Life feels like summer. But, for those of us who inhabit an arctic dump six months out of the year, it is as if someone opened our cages.

What a year, eh? I need to go now to write about those eye puffs that optometrists shoot in your eyeballs now. I will probably send it tomorrow. But for now, if you see a friend getting unwanted attention, be a cockblocker. Be a friend.

Happy Friday,