Intro to a newsletter

What is this?

Dear Friends and Readers,

What is a newsletter? I ask myself this as I embark on this journey to talk about myself, my country, my civilization, and my planet?

Are newsletters like Christmas letters or New Years Letters for people who cannot wait a year?

Are newsletters for people who are trying to make themselves less mysterious to other people by revealing their innermost thoughts and opinions?

I don’t know.

What pray-tell is a newsletter?

Perhaps it is a response to the news like finding out Rudy Guilliani’s apartment is about to get searched by the FBI. Maybe I’m wondering if he’s crazy enough to leave the evidence next to the chicken wings or if he is evil enough to have another secret apt. where he hides all his ill deeds and shoeshine hair root concealer. Who knows?

Thank you for reading. I will do my best to be interesting. Be well.