Masks Off

No more hiding

I hate masks, but I love the power of being invisible.

Tucker Carlson told his cronies to confront people wearing masks. This makes me want to keep my mask on even longer. Not really though. Those people are terrifying.

The great thing about masks is, if you live in a small town, you don’t have to pull back your mask and give a big face reveal to everyone. You can pick and choose who you say to, “It’s me! It’s Amy from the old world.”

I don’t know what to say to people, face to face, anymore, hence the newsletter.

I know we’ve been lonely and craving talking to more people, but I’m out of practice. I’ve only talked to about three people this year, outside of the people I’m working with. What do people want to talk about now? The pandemic? Pass. Hybrid learning? No, thank you. COVID? Bye.

I’m also feeling very self-conscious about the bottom half of my face. I feel like I’m removing off my bra and taking my girls for a walk around the neighborhood. I’m just going to feel very exposed when I am maskless.

Well, I hope you’re all vaccinated and I’ll see your weird facemask tan lines in the days to come. Regards, Amy