The Chic Can't Hold the Smoke,

That's what it is

Dear Readers and Friends,

I am shying away from my vaccine obsession, which you missed because I wasn’t writing a newsletter yet. You’re welcome. But this weekend, when I friend of mine was getting shot up with Moderna, it made me think.

Do you know how we’re always talking about side effects? Some people brag about having the worst ones. Some people brag about having none at all. It’s all ego in this country. We’re screwed. I mean, is there anything we don’t brag about?

I was thinking we should get past the bragging about our shot reactions, and become the loving creatures the universe wants us to be. Getting to hippy-dippy for you? Yeah, me too.

But I was thinking about how we could support each other in our vaccine second shot journeys and become supportive advocates for people who are on their way to their side effects. Please read the following piece, that I will send in a minute, so you can see where I went with this.

Feel free to tell me about your side effects. I’m here to listen. I won’t think you’re bragging if you tell me. At least, I don’t think I’ll think that, even if I essentially just said I THINK THAT. God, it’s confusing to avoid contradicting myself. I surrender.

If you can’t hold the shot, get someone to support you,