What Day is it?

Alexa! Send free money!

Dear Readers and Friends,

It’s Wednesday! At least I think it is. Will there be a test later on this material? I hope not, but it’s probably Wednesday.

I could go check or yell Alexa! What day is it? But Alexa keeps sending catalogs to my house, that she overheard me mention, and it’s getting creepy around here. We’ve been whispering a lot. Sometimes we yell “Alexa! Send free money!” But we have a fucked up relationship with Alexa. Who doesn’t?

So, let’s say it’s Wednesday. I have to go to the DMV today so this is me, coming up for air, before I go there. Yikes. I love the sign in the front of the DMV that looks like something that would be hung in Detention or Prison. Please behave. No shoving, pushing, yelling, or abusing staff. How many times did that happen before they put that sign up? Scary.

Everything is scary. Alexa is scary. The DMV is scary. My bunions are scary. What else? Oh, everything else.

Anyway, I am going to send you an essay I wrote this morning about squatty potties. It’s gonna change your life. You should read it.

Pray for world peace. No really. Get on your knees. Be well,